Tennessee Has My Heart...

These last few months in my household have been a little crazy. I've been very present with my life and growing client base here in Knoxville. However, my thoughts have also wandered quite frequently. A little background first. 

In 2011 my husband (Byron) began a grad program in Knoxville causing us to leave our beloved Nashville for a new home in the hills of East Tennessee. For at least two years I didn't give Knoxville a chance. I didn't want it to replace the hometown feeling I had for Nashville. (Sidenote: Yes, I am from Arkansas but your first home after college has a special place in your heart.) Long story short I finally let go and started enjoying Knoxville. We, slowly but surely, made friends. Great friends. Fantastic restaurants started popping up. Coffee shops expanded. We finally got locally made doughnuts. More importantly, I quit a full-time job to give this photography thing a solid push. I've been blown away in the last two years with the wonderful people who have entrusted me with some of the most incredible moments of their lives. It has truly been incredible.

Now that things are getting comfortable and work is running fairly smoothly a big change is in store. That's how life goes right? That is usually how it goes for us anyway. I'm a bit of a control freak and someone who really loves to plan things out. Especially my life. Equally so I live a life that is ultimately not my own. My faith is great (well, I hope for great faith each day) and my God loves well. We have had all intentions of making roots in Knoxville. Purchased our first home a year and a half ago and have been pouring our love into it ever since. Built friendships that will last a lifetime. You know...all the good stuff. But, my husband has been given an opportunity neither of us want to pass up! So...

We are moving to DENVER. 

Denver. Who knew?! We didn't. I visited Colorado as a child and enjoyed it. Did I ever have any intention of moving to Denver? Absolutely not. Seattle, maybe. Portland, maybe. Back to Nashville, maybe. Denver? Nope. Just like the time this man of mine and I started dating I've had these thoughts, "I'm not looking for this right now. I don't feel the need to start/try this right now. But, this feels right. I think we should do this." I told Byron I've never regretted following these same feelings that convinced me to marry him six and half years ago and that, just maybe, we will both feel the same about this new adventure. :-)

This, however, does not mean that for an instant it has been easy to tell clients I've spent years with, friends I love, family nearby that we'll see ya around. I guess it is good to leave a place when you love it so the memories are always good ones right? I've got to leave you guys wanting more right? Because I'll be back. I'll be back once or twice a year to see my favorite people. My Southwest points are ever-growing and Frontier will fly me to Knoxville for a decent price.

Until then, thank you so much Knoxville and the Southeast! Let me know when you want to come visit!!

All the hugs,