A Year of O'Keefe

I'm sure mom and dad will agree with me...how has Evelyn been here a year already?! And look at that outfit. Can I have one of everything in my size?! She is the cutest. 

It has been soooo fun following this family for a year. I love the 'For Every Season' sessions. If you haven't heard of it before it means exactly what you think. For one year we will meet up once a quarter for a 30 minute session. You get your photos from each session and at the end of it all...you've got a year of your life documented. These can be portrait sessions or lifestyle sessions in your home. It's up to you! The O'Keefes added some extra time to their package to include a newborn session at the beginning of it all. So awesome! Now, back to that sweet one year old!

Alison McQuainComment