what to expect for you family or lifestyle session

  • Where should we do our shoot?

    Let’s chat! Is there a spot that is particularly special to your family? If not let’s go on an adventure together and find something beautiful and unique. Love sharing my thoughts on favorite spots or discovering new ones together. Never discount your own home. Everyone is comfortable there and remembering times at home together are just as important as sweeping vistas.

  • What is a lifestyle session?

    This type of session is one of my favorites. To me, for a family, this would mean spending some time at your home together. We could center it around an activity in your home like making breakfast for instance. Or hanging out in your favorite room in the house. Or leaving your house to go on your favorite neighborhood walk. The things that you do in your life every day that you never want to forget. Those moments you wish you could capture but can’t because you’re enjoying living it. That’s where I come in with that lifestyle session. And they are my FAVORITE!

  • What is the For Every Season package?

    Four times a year I meet up with your family and we just hang out! Well, with my camera around my neck too of course. Getting to watch those kiddos grow and really getting to know you guys...it is THE BEST!! We'll meet for 45 minutes at all four sessions wherever you'd like. And you'll get images via digital download just like your would a traditional family session. 

  • What should we wear?

    Whatever is comfortable! Well, I mean, not sweats. Ha! Really though, make sure whatever you choose is something you’re not having to tug on or make sure something isn’t showing you don’t want… If you’re uncomfortable you’ll look it. Pick colors for for everyone that complement but aren’t matchy matchy. Try to stay away from really busy patterns so as to not distract from your beautiful faces. I always think classic, simple fashion looks better long-term. That also plays in to the not distracting thing. Feel free to text or email me photos before the shoot if you want. I know it is hard to find things for everyone. Eight years in and I still have a hard time helping my husband find clothes. And believe me, he needs help.

  • What kind of images can we expect?

    We’ll get some more formal shots with everyone looking at the camera and we’ll get lots of everyone hanging out, enjoying each other. Don’t worry, even if Timmy and Emma don’t like each other most of the time we’ll get something. Genuine laughs, smiles and fun to be had and captured all around. Don’t panic if a tooth is lost right before the session or if Timmy decides to cut Emma’s hair...these are the sweetest times in family life that you’ll love being able to look back on and laugh at for years to come.

  • How should we prepare for our session?

    Don’t! Don’t feel like you have to set up lists of bribes or make sure you’ve coached the kids on looking at the camera…. Make sure everyone knows there’s a weird lady that will be hanging out with you with a camera. And all she wants to do is see you guys exploring and having fun. Try not to put any pressure on you or anyone else so you aren’t stressed by the time you get to our session. Little ones pick up on that and feed off of your emotions.

  • How much are your services?

    Family sessions start at $300 and the year-long For Every Season package starts at $600.