what to expect for your engagement session 

  • Where should we do our shoot?

    Let’s chat! Is there a spot that is particularly special to you guys? If not let’s go on an adventure together and find something beautiful and unique. Love sharing my thoughts on favorite spots or discovering new ones together.

  • What should we wear?

    Whatever is comfortable! Well, I mean, not sweats. Ha! Really though, make sure whatever you choose is something you’re not having to tug on or make sure something isn’t showing you don’t want… If you’re uncomfortable you’ll look it. Pick colors for the two of you that complement but aren’t matchy matchy. Try to stay away from really busy patterns so as to not distract from your beautiful faces. Feel free to bring more than one option with you and I’ll give my honest option. Lovingly. Or better yet, feel free to text or email me photos before the shoot if you want. You’re always welcome to change during the session.

  • My other half HATES having their picture taken…

    Not after I’m done with them! Ha! I promise it won’t be painful. I pride myself on making everyone comfortable. My hope is that you both forget I’m there entirely so you’re you! I’ve had more other halves who dreaded the session tell me after we finished how not painful it was and how they didn’t know why they were dreading it so much. After all, if you aren’t having fun what’s the point?

  • Will we get our digital files? How many should we expect?

    Yes. You’ll get all of the high-resolution digital files. You’re welcome to use your personal website I provide to print images or print them later on your own wherever you’d like. How many you ask? Oh gosh...I way overshoot and overdeliver. You can expect at least 100.

  • How much are your services?

    Engagement sessions start at $300.