Tony + Krista

You guys remember Tony and Krista...the super cute couple who froze during their engagement session. Well, they weren't freezing during their August nuptials. I think they humored my 'do this...look at her...look at him...put your arm here...switch your feet...' a lot more in May. This heat is real. And I don't just mean the heat between these two newlyweds. (Oh, I've got jokes people!)

I had the pleasure of not only meeting Tony and Krista's family and friends but really getting to know them during their sweet courthouse nuptials and backyard reception. They have both won the mother-in-law lottery if there ever was one. Two of the kindest and most giving women I have met. I always, always get teary-eyed during weddings. Being a part of such an intimate ceremony with these sweet people sent me over the edge. We were all crying. As in my camera was wet kind of crying. These moments I share with clients are simply the best! (Better than all the rest!) 

To Tony and Krista!!

Alison McQuainComment