Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild

A couple of months ago I made some new friends with amazing talent. These friends are a part of the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild. You guys, these quilts, killer. I've always enjoyed seeing a quilt from time to time but this takes quilting to a whole new level for me. A contemporary one I guess. 

These talented women co-hosted a First Friday event at Striped Light in Knoxville. The guild partnered with Sarah Shebaro of Striped Light to create the collaborative project you see below. Read more about that here. I'm really just in awe of the ideas that came together; such a unique quilt and always-inspiring work from Sarah. 

I can not fathom how many hours it must have taken to complete such detailed, unique pieces. And how awesome it is to continue such an old craft/tradition but with a fresh perspective. I guess that is what numerous, young creatives are trying to do these days. Working with your hands and realizing good things take time...this is realized again. I'm a huge fan. 

Enjoy these quilts then visit their site to learn more!

A few of the masters. 

A few of the masters. 

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