Family: Baby Calvin


This little man. And his furry friend. Just my favorite. 

Funny little insight into my world...I had not met Calvin nor his sweet parents before rolling up to their home for their session. Not smart. The night before our meeting I kept kicking myself for picking their home as our first meeting place. You know...single female going to a stranger's home. My main squeeze was on call. I pulled up and it was a cute house...I knocked on the door and Calvin's dad and fur-brother answered (it's fine, he's a nice enough looking guy. Super sweet dog I thought.)...I walked in and their place was beautiful and cleaner than my house will ever be...Calvin and his momma walked in the room and I quickly knew I was going to be just fine. I sent the 'I'm fine' text and we got the formalities out of the way so we could capture some moments of this sweet boy's life. :-) 

Moral of the story, meet your clients before you go to their home or trust your gut. haha!

I'm super pumped to say that I'll get to know these guys much better over the course of a year!