2017 Best Nine: Family


2017 is a wrap and I can't believe how fast it went!! Not at all short of tough moments or goodbyes but very full of new introductions and hearty laughs. I'm so thankful for all that 2017 brought my way. I've learned a lot. I've been reminded of how awesome my friend-clients are. I've seen places I never intended to. I've dipped my toe in the waters of building a business in a new city. Thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of that journey!

So, this post...I've been inspired to look back at 2017 in light of all the #2017bestnine posts on the instas and create my own. Based on my favorite moments. It's been so encouraging to look back at the year and remember all you fine folks who decided my eyes and creativity are worth paying for. :-) All those folks who let me in their homes. Speaking of homes...I think the sessions I most loved (when it comes to families) this year were in their home. Or even one in my TN home. Even more a favorite, experiencing my first birth. Documenting Elliott's first moments in this world was truly priceless. I still have no words. 

What you see here you may have seen in previous posts or you may be a first time reader (welcome!) or you may be like me and totally forgot everything you've seen here before. Either way, these are my top photos from family sessions from 2017. It was sooooo hard to choose! 

And yes, you'll see more top nine posts this week. Get ready!

2018_Fam_top9_AMP_0008 2.jpg