Bret & Ruth

I had the pleasure of spending some time with these two and their four-legged friend during my last trip to Tennessee. And I think this is the third time we've had their engagement session scheduled you guys. Rain in East Tennessee is no joke. No, we aren't scared of a little rain...we're talking torrential downpours followed by ground so mushy you can't walk on. Finally we found some good weather. These two are planning a New Year's wedding and I have no doubt it will be the best way to end this year. 

We started our session at a quarry in Knoxville (that we walked to from their house) and ended downtown. Lots of different scenery, lots of different light, two different outfits...all in a one evening! I can't recommend engagement sessions enough! Sure it's nice to have photos of the two of you to share prior to your wedding on save-the-dates and websites but I think the true value lies in connecting with your photographer and knowing what it feels like for the both of you to be in front of the camera. In the end you can remember what moments created your favorite expressions. Usually that's having fun and pretending like I'm no where in sight. Practice makes perfect right? 

Back to these two and their engagement excitement! Aren't they the cutest! Their pup, Jerry (best pup name ever), didn't care for the camera much but we caught him a few times. Little punk. 

Alison McQuainComment