John + Katie

These two didn't plan on having a wedding. They just planned to exchange vows between the two of them and a pastor. But, their daughter/step-daughter encouraged them differently and the more they thought about their closest friends and family...this sweet wedding came together in just a few months. I love little country churches like this one. I've been known to ask my husband fairly frequently if we can get married again when I see little churches like this. They create such intimacy and rootedness for a wedding. Ok...back to these two!

It was a hot day and the ground was really soft but we made it through our pre-ceremony photos with only a little mud on the dress! These two were troopers. My favorite wedding guests were definitely the grooms spirited dad and the brides very stylin' great-aunt. Sometimes I have to remind myself to keep working at weddings because I get so intrigued by guests or family members...I just love a good story you know? These two seemed particularly fun and animated. 

To John and Katie!! 

Alison McQuainComment