Elliott Iris

It's pretty difficult to verbalize the story of sweet Elliott's birth. What an incredible moment to share with such a lovely family. I know I've said before how amazing and wonderful it is to be a part of huge moments in my clients' lives....It truly is though! Just like at Elliott's birth I'm right there with you experiencing a lot of the emotions you do crying and trembling and rejoicing with you. I've never been as shaky at work in my life as I was the moment Elliott made it out to be with us. 

Her momma's calm, perfect strength was incredible. Her daddy's loving, peaceful presence was so sweet to watch. And their support system...sister, parents, an RN who is one of their closest friends. You guys, I'm crying right now. I just can't express the love that I saw on International Women's Day when this nugget joined us. :-) Tears are only encouraged by Ellie Holcomb's new album I'm currently listening to. Gotta pull it together...I've got a session here in a few! 

Ok, Elliott, this girl. She is so precious and will be one of the coolest kids. I'm sure she'll be healing animals with her dad; kayaking with her fur-brother, Huck; and teaching rock climbing classes (in French) with her mom in no time. We're all so excited to watch you grow little one. You are loved. 

Alison McQuainComment