Evelyn: 6 Months...a little late

Time for confession on the blog today. Oh, it's a good one too. Ever embarrassed yourself professionally? Or kind of not done the job you think you did? Well, this past Fall I did just that. 

Evelyn's sweet parents are spending the year with me by way of their For Every Season sessions. In late summer/early fall I met up with them for their six month session. We had a great time. Evelyn didn't even seem to hate it too much. The weekend following their session my wedding season paired with a smattering of mini sessions exploded. I never delivered Evelyn's session to her parents. Months, I'm talking, MONTHS later Kristen so sweetly asked when I thought their session would be ready. I melted into a puddle. 'Surely I at least uploaded them and forgot to send you the link,' I said. I told her I'd check on them and let her know ASAP. 

You guys, I never edited their photos! With all the craziness that ensued I completely forgot. I was so embarrassed and Kristen was so kind...needless to say, it was a crazy Fall and I definitely learned from the experience. When I say 2016 was a huge growing experience for AMP and my management abilities I truly mean it. I'm so thankful for all of you kind people who have allowed me to document your lives and my even kinder clients that patiently wait on their questionably sane photographer to deliver as promised. O'Keefe's you are wonderful. Thank you. 

She wasn't totally into the pram. But she looks like she is here! 

She wasn't totally into the pram. But she looks like she is here! 

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