At Home: With the Eatons

Eaton_Fall_17_AMP_0007 2.jpg

Do you know what this only child loves more than anything? Chaos. The craziness that happens inside the home of a family with lots of littles. Especially these littles. I love trying to focus on capturing the beautiful crazy that is happening around me while I'm in a family's space. Do I often wonder what has happened to me or if I captured even one suitable image after I leave our time together? Sure! But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Someone is crying, screaming and the other asking questions about my camera. Meanwhile the parents are trying to maintain composure with their kids while making sure I don't need anything...I assure them things are perfect. And that their kiddos are so cute I could pinch their little heads off. Somehow after it all I walk away with some of the sweetest frames that I hope will bring this family back to these chaotic moments years from now.  

Another thing I love...seeing the differences in personalities of the little people. These little people could not be more different. The middle kiddo...well, I think his mom is going to write a book about him. Fingers crossed that I get to hear all the highlights from his life. The eldest, he is the kindest, most attentive big brother. He's gonna stick to whatever path he decides to go down. The little guy...I think he is just going to be along for the ride. 

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