Peppered Paper

Lately I have been able to work with a few non-traditional clients and I'm loving it! Non-traditional clients because I typically work with, well, humans. Now, you might say, oh that must be so much easier! Yes and no. Yes, you are correct, the art doesn't run away from me or cover it's face with it's hands right before the shutter clicks; however, art might be known to fall off the wall and the glass may or may not talk back in the form of reflections. But (!), it is such a fun, new learning experience for me! So glad Lesley approached me with the need for styled photos of Peppered Paper for her Etsy site. So glad. We hope to work out another shoot in the future...get pumped for more Peppered Paper! 

Oh! Did I mention that we took all of these photos in my house? Second shoot at my place and I'm getting real used to the idea. There are days when I want to slap some really rich, dark paint on my walls and then things like this are able to happen and I change my mind again. 

Be sure to visit Peppered Paper or find her at The Big Crafty this weekend in Asheville! 

Alison McQuainComment