Val is One!

A couple of months ago I made a purchase I've been hoping to make for years. The pram. Not so well-known here in the states but our friends across the pond know them fondly. I've seen photos of the Duchess carting her sweet babe around with a beautiful example recently. Needless to say I nearly passed out when I found this a gem of a pram in an antique store. Thank goodness the weather was finally nice and I had a sweet one year shoot with Val scheduled--a perfect opportunity to take my beauty out for a spin! 

Please, picture me, alone pushing a pram around the Knoxville Botanical Garden with a balloon tied to it and no child in sight. Yes, There were people around. And I'm sure I was talking to myself while I was searching for the perfect spot. I appeared to be nothing short of insane. I'm sure of it. 

But! Finally little Val showed up for her close up and restored confidence in those around me. And even me in myself if I'm honest. For some reason during the shoot I began speaking in a British accent. The stone walls, terraced gardens, pea gravel, and a round baby face in that sweet white dress...I felt transported elsewhere. Back in time for sure. Val didn't mind. Her parents...I hope they just call me quirky. 

Alison McQuainComment