Alex + Tonya

You all have met Alex and Tonya on the blog before. This time you are seeing the moments they have been waiting months for!! Their wedding was this month and I couldn't have had more fun spending the day with them! I love this photo...they are probably laughing because they kept getting in trouble for talking. When two best friends haven't talked or seen each other all day stories and thoughts build up! They all have to come out at once. I get it. Their 'at once' was during their first look. *blushingsmileyfacefollowedbyawink*

We have all heard of or encountered the devastating wildfires in the Appalachian region of the country lately...Alex and Tonya's wedding day took place during the start of these terrible events. You might notice a few really hazy photos...that is smoke. My heart goes out to those who have been directly affected. I ache for the mountains and ecosystems that will take years to recover. We are thankful for the rain. 

Another thing I'm thankful for...the new life these two have started together! Your day was beautiful and the party was a hit! So much fun was had on that dance floor. To Alex and Tonya! Cheers!!