New Year, New Resolutions

The Holidays have come and are almost gone (what?!)! I CANNOT believe it. I think I've reached adulthood...saying things like 'time flies' and 'how could it possibly be ____ (month) already?!' is a regular. Especially in the last few months. A mortgage lender agreed to let us buy our first home, we took a wonderful Maine vacation -- the day after we signed the papers (because of course that would happen), we have hired contractors, made terrifying decisions with large sums of money for the house our lender lets us live in, spent more money than we wanted thanks to our little abode (#thisoldhouse), and we continue to unpack amidst Christmas travel in the dirty south. 

And now, now I'm supposed to think of a New Year's Resolution?! Um, save more spend less maybe?! But really. I'm not the greatest at this whole resolution thing. But a few goals I have as every new year begins is to make sure I focus more on others rather than myself, that I get more excited about experiences rather than stuff, and that I don't loose focus of the One who put me here/discovering why. 

So, what are your resolutions? I feel like one thing I hear at about this time every year is, 'how do we not have a family photo for the Christmas/New Year's Card?!' I know you're thinking, of course, she would talk about photos now. And wanting to get my money. Well, I was talking about how I need to save me! ha! 

Seriously, I am in love with an idea I had earlier this year.... My 'For Every Season' sessions cannot be beat. You get up to four, one hour sessions for $350 and I will come to you! It couldn't be easier. And the result...well, you can see here. The Hewitts were so kind to let me share moments of their live throughout 2015. It was such a pleasure. Sweet Greer has grown into such a handsome little guy. And (!!) he will be a big brother in a few months as you might notice! Such a beautiful thing to capture four little hours of your life throughout a year to have forever. 

And you might notice our Spring/Summer session was kind of combined. Summer flew by! (There I go again...old lady talk.)

I'd love to add your sessions to my calendar this year. We've got to get ready for possible snow days for epic photos like the ones we got earlier this year. So fun!!

Good luck with your resolutions! 

Alison McQuainComment